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Seasol Commercial Products


Highly refined liquid kelp plant conditioner and growth stimulant




Seasol +Plus:

Plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner with kelp, fish, humic acids and fulvic acids


Earthcare CLC:

Concentrated liquid compost with kelp, fish and humic acids


PowerFeed: (14:1.4:9)

Liquid fertiliser with added fish and humic acids



Liquid fish fertiliser


Liquid Organic Humate:

Highly concentrated 26% liquid humate


Power Humate:

Highly concentrated 26% liquid humate with added phosphorous


Earthcare Liquid Fulvic:

5% liquid fulvic acid for foliar application


Earthcare Planting Gel:

Plant stimulant and water retention gel


Earthcare Water Crystals:

Water & nutrient retention crystals


Earthcare Liquid Wetter-Aid:

Soil wetter with both short and long term soil conditioning benefits