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Felco Tools - Spring is coming.......

ShapeScaper Planter Boxes

"Get yourself ready for Spring".....We have a huge range of Felco tools available all year round and all parts and servicing that may be necessary through general wear and tear are available and carried out onsite at Plant Multi Nursery.

Felco spare parts are also manufactured to the highest quality standards just like the finished tools. Please contact Plant Multi Nursery for your free quote on your specific requirements.

ShapeScaper Planter Boxes

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SHAPESCAPER™ Steel Landscape Planters and Garden Edging are a modular steel landscaping sytem that will make working on your next project a pleasure, turning your great ideas into reality!

Select from a large range of stylish “rusted” REDCOR® weathering steel planters and landscape edging suitable for both domestic and commercial landscape installations. 

Easily replace failing wooden or plastic in your garden with long lasting metal, fully recyclable and Australian made.


Scotts Osmocote® is one of the best known and most trusted brands among Australian home gardeners. Our extensive range of indoor and outdoor potting mixes and fertilisers are all developed to assist you to grow healthy flowering and fruiting plants indoors or outdoors.

What is Black Grit

Black Grit is a fused calcium magnesium silicate phosphate soil amendment/fertilizer that has been used successfully around the world for the last century in low fertility acid soils where it increases pH and CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) and provides and helps unlock P in the soil.


ProTurf is renowned for delivering a healthy and consistently growing turf for up to 2 months.
Its innovative combination of compound fertilizers and controlled release technology makes it unique in the field. Additionally, each product contains extra Magnesium and Calcium to not only keep your turf looking greener, but also stronger. ProTurf products get a quick and positive reaction from your turf!

ProTurf’s controlled release technology allows for proper growth with no surges. The fertilizer’s uncoated portion ensures for a quick response from the turf, even in cooler growing conditions. ProTurf also contains Magnesium to enhance turf color and health.

  • Perfect first CRF of the season
  • Delivers a quick reaction even in cooler circumstances
  • Promotes healthy, balanced growth at start of the season
  • Magnesium content improves turf color and health

Slasher - Organic Weedkiller