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Debco Organic Potting Mix contains premium-grade quality composted pine bark, composted with certified organic composting fertiliser and is perfect for growing of all vegetables, herbs, fruit and salad greens organically.


  • 100% NASAA certification
  • Composed of natural organic ingredients
  • Boosted with organic fertiliser (Biological Farmers Australia Certification)
  • Essential trace elements ensure strong, healthy growth without nutrient deficiencies

Debco Organic Potting Mix is a 100% NASAA certified organic potting mix.
Organic Mix has been specially blended for gardeners looking for an organic mix to suit a wide variety of
organic growing purposes.
Debco Organic Mix gives home gardeners the ability to grow a wide range of plants in all types of containers from terracotta to plastic and ceramic.
Debco guarantees the results of Organic Mix, which is perfect for growing organic vegetables, herbs, salad greens and strawberries.