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GREEN JACKET controlled release fertilizers utilize advanced polyurethane coating technologies, which are specifically designed to meet the nutritional requirements of nursery and field crops. Coated nutrients feature an extremely durable ultra-thin polyurethane coating that provides nutrition at precisely the right time when plants need Major Elements, without the risks of premature or excessive release common to other fertilizers.

Polyurethane coating technology is the most advanced and predictable fertilizer coating technology on the market today. Through a patented reactive layers coating (RLC) process the ultra-thin coating is chemically bonded to nutrient granules, creating an extremely durable and reliable granule for 100 percent controlled release. As a result, horticultural growers produce higher quality plants without worrying about premature or excessive nutrient loss due to coating failures.

The ultra-thin polyurethane coating in GREEN JACKET is unlike any other "poly" product on the market today. The release rate of the polyurethane coated nutrients is only affected by temperature and coating thickness. Therefore, other uncontrollable environmental conditions like pH, microbial activity and soil type don't play a part in the plants nutritional feed program. GREEN JACKET releases through diffusion or more simply put, the process allows a constant, gradual diffusion of nutrients through the polyurethane coating and into the soil. As water goes in, the nutrients are released allowing each GREEN JACKET granule to dependably and reliably deliver nutrition to the root zone for a season long feeding with just one application.

The difference in GREEN JACKET controlled release fertilizers is simple; it's the polyon coating and quality assurance that goes into every bag. After the manufacturing process, the GREEN JACKET goes through a series of quality control tests to ensure that each bag of  GREEN JACKET releases the exact same way, every time. No other controlled-release fertilizer offers the proven durability, reliability and predictable performance that GREEN JACKET coated fertilizers offer. As a result, customers get the performance they have come to trust in every bag of GREEN JACKET .